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Sex is touching with the intention of giving sexual pleasure. To have sex is to touch, caress, kiss, rub, lick or suck the skin with the intent of giving sexual pleasure. When the skin is stimulated by kind, gentle touch we feel wanted, needed, secure and loved.

Sex used to be short for sexual intercourse but has come to mean any form of sexual pleasure. For the purpose of this site we use the term sex to mean any sex act done for sexual pleasure between two people. This does not include vaginal intercourse or anal intercourse.

Some people use the term outercourse but we don't because frankly outercourse refers to any sex act that takes place outside the vagina. This makes it seem like all sex acts revolve around heterosexual sex and is limiting. Why should a penis - vagina combination be the reference point for human sexuality. It is the reference point for human reproduction but not for human sexuality so we don't use the term outercourse. We would rather stick with the term sex which everyone knows, which all sexual orientations do and which is what we all have in common.

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