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No More Abortions

Resized Image All over the world women are fighting for the right to have abortions. Fighting for the right to have an abortion is really fighting for the right for men to impregnate you. Pregnancy is something a man does to a woman. Sperm belongs to the man. Without his sperm a woman wouldn't get pregnant. Every time a woman gets pregnant, it is a man's fault but women are taught that it is their fault. They are expected to take responsibility for getting pregnant and they are punished for getting pregnant.

When women fight for the right to have abortions they are basically saying, it's okay for a man to impregnate me. After he has impregnated me I want to be able to get rid of the baby. It's all about men's rights. I don't think the women who are fighting for abortions realize that they are really fighting for men and what men want and not really fighting for what they want.

If women were fighting for what they want, they would fight for the right to not have intercourse, an act that requires they take birth control to prevent pregnancy. The same birth control that men stopped for themselves because they couldn't handle the side effects. But that's okay because the side effects to women don't matter because women don't matter.

If women were fighting for what they want they would fight to not have intercourse so that they wouldn't get pregnant and live in poverty because when women have children, they have to stop their schooling to look after the child. Men don't. A woman has to look after the baby which means that she has to stay home and wait for a later time to continue her education. But in most cases, guess what? Another child comes along. So while men go on to get college degrees and high paying jobs, women are left with only a high school education or in some cases if they get pregnant as teenagers, not even that. This leaves a lot of women on social assistance and in low paying jobs.

If women were fighting for what they want they would fight to not have intercourse so that they would not live in poverty. The more children a woman has, the poorer she is. Unlike men, who remain free to do whatever they want after a child is born, women have to stay home and look after their children. If they continue working, they have to pay for childcare despite the fact that they get lower wages than men. Women, as a whole, are poorer than men when they have children.

If women were fighting for what they want they would fight to not have intercourse so they wouldn't have to have abortions, something that could leave them sterile. In a lot of countries women die from trying to have abortions. They are blamed for getting pregnant and prevented from killing the fetus by anti abortion laws. Back alley abortions are very common when a woman wants to keep a pregnancy secret and wants to get rid of the child without anyone knowing.

Abortions are not the answer. Killing fetuses isn't the answer. It isn't empowerment, it's giving in to something that shouldn't be happening in the first place. When women realize that intercourse is being used to enslave them, they will finally have the courage to say no and abortions wouldn't be a thing, except in cases of rape or where the mother's life is in danger.

Stop fighting for the right to have abortions. Stop fighting for a man's right to get you pregnant. Fight for your right to not get pregnant in the first place. Stop giving in to what men want. Empower yourself. Have the courage to say no.

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