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Pregnancy Is Men's Fault

Resized Image When women get pregnant it is a man's fault. It is time that men take responsibility for the things they do to women. I am tired of women getting blamed for getting pregnant. Every time a woman gets pregnant she is punished because people say things like you should have kept your legs closed. You should have taken birth control. Women are shamed all the time for "letting it happen." Men on the other hand, are not blamed at all even though it is their fault.

Women, on their own, do not get pregnant. Ever. A man has to insert his penis into a woman's vagina and ejaculate sperm up there in order for her to get pregnant. Without that act on his part, a woman would never get pregnant. Every time a woman gets pregnant, it is the man's fault. Sperm belongs to the man, not the woman. It is his sperm therefore he is responsible for it. He knows his sperm will get her pregnant, yet he does absolutely nothing to prevent it from getting into her vagina and getting her pregnant. She is not responsible for his sperm, he is. When he takes his penis, puts it into her vagina and ejaculates sperm, he knows full well what he is doing. How is she responsible for that?

It's time that men own that shit. Take responsibility for your bodily fluids. You control where you put it. Whether the woman is on birth control doesn't matter. If she gets pregnant, it is not her fault. That's like saying, I have a dog and you are responsible if the dog goes into your yard and digs up your garden. No it isn't. The dog belongs to you and you, as the owner, are responsible for everything the dog does. Men and men alone are responsible for their sperm.

When a woman gets pregnant, the blame should be on the man, not the woman. She shouldn't have to protect herself from his sperm. He should protect HER from it.

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