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Premature Ejaculation

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I was in a women's forum and yet another woman was complaining about how bad men are in bed because they ejaculate so soon. She said, "I can't even be bothered with men anymore. All we need them for is sex and they're not even good at that since they come so quickly. It's not even worth the time."

I cannot wait for the day when sex and intercourse are separated. Sex lasts a long time since it includes kissing, fondling, oral etc. Intercourse on the other hand is over fairly quickly and that is the part women complain about when they say sex is over so quickly. Most men focus exclusively on intercourse and when it's done in five minutes it really is a let down for women. Sometimes it's a let down for men too because believe it or not there are actually men who care about how a women feels in bed. Ejaculating quickly is seen as a male problem hence the use of the term premature ejaculation.

I personally don't believe there is such a thing as premature ejaculation. My religion is nature. I do not believe in a god or a goddess. I just believe in nature. This is why I believe that intercourse should be used strictly to create children because that is what it is used for in nature. Intercourse was given to us to create children, not just for recreational use but you know humans, we know so much more than nature so we make our own rules and then we suffer for it.

If intercourse was meant to be used for procreation only, then there is no such thing as premature ejaculation. The purpose of intercourse is to get the sperm to the egg. That does not take a long time. Insert erect penis, ejaculate sperm, job done. That's it. Unfortunately since we use intercourse recreationally there is a lot of pressure on men to perform longer, as long as possible. They can't. It's that simple. They weren't meant to last a long time. Women expect men to perform intercourse for a long time and men expect that too and they are both disappointed when the man can't do it.

We need to separate sex and intercourse. Using intercourse only to procreate will take the pressure off men to perform. It will also teach both men and women to have sex, to take time giving each other sexual pleasure. Sex can last as long as we want it too. We could, if we wanted to, have sex all day. Intercourse though we can only have for a very short time and it's time that we face that fact and accept it.

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