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What Good Is No If Men Don't Listen

What good is it to teach girls to say no if boys don't care if a girl says no. Boys are taught to pursue girls, to keep going despite hearing no. They are raised to not take what girls say seriously. On the other hand, girls are raised to say no when they don't want sex or intercourse only to find out that boys don't care if they say no. They'll take sex from them anyway.

It's time to not just teach girls to say no but to teach boys that girls have a right to say no to them. There was a woman at a party who told a man to stop grinding on her so he pulled out a gun and shot her in the face. He felt she didn't have a right to say no to him. Why do men think they can do whatever they want to women whether the woman agrees or not? If men think they are entitled to a woman's body then it doesn't matter if she says no.

Men view women as objects. You can buy an object, sell an object, use an object in any way you want then get rid of it when you are done with it. Men view women as living, breathing objects. It doesn't matter if a girls says no because it's like an object saying no to you. You don't take it seriously. You do whatever you want with it anyway.

It's not enough that a girl says no, she has to let the man know that she is not saying yes. Then she has to emphasize the fact by leaving. This is not easy to do if she is too drunk to consent, if she is passed out, if she is asleep or if she is tied up. This is why it is important to teach men that until a girl verbally says yes, it is rape.

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