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31 Gender Identities

I was reading an article on gender and I got steamed like I usually do whenever I read about this new gender neutral language and the many new genders that are being created by the LGBTQ people. It is getting ridiculous in my opinion.

Here is a list of genders that the LGBTQ people have come up with:

1. Bi-gendered
2. Cross-dresser
3. Drag King
4. Drag Queen
5. Femme Queen
6. Female to Male
7. FTM
8. Gender Bender
9. Genderqueer
10. Male To Female
11. MTF
12. Non-Op
14. Pangender
15. Transexual/Transsexual
16. Trans Person
17. Woman
18. Man
19. Butch
20. Two-Spirit
21. Trans
22. Agender
23. Third Sex
24. Gender-Fluid
25. Non-Binary Transgender
26. Androgyne
27. Gender Gifted
28. Gender Blender
29. Femme
30. Person of Transgender Experience
31. Androgynous

Seriously? Am I supposed to remember all of these? When I meet someone am I supposed to whip out a list and ask them to point to the gender that best identifies them? That's not going to happen. It's ridiculous! It doesn't matter what people call themselves there are only two genders, woman and man.

I was on the bus once and this "woman" came on. If someone wants to dress as the other gender, I have no problem with it but don't ask me to call you a woman just because you have on a wig, makeup and "women's" clothing because I won't. I looked at this "woman" and knew right away that it was a man dressed up as a woman. Mother Nature makes it obvious which sex someone is. There is no woman on Earth who has a neck as thick as that "woman" had. No woman on Earth has hands as big as that "woman" had or shoulders that broad. Men also have a lot more muscles than women. There are some things that taking off your penis or putting one on can't change. No matter how much a man tries to be a woman or a woman tries to be a man, nature begs to differ.

Men trying to be women and women trying to be men is insulting to the person who is born that gender. Changing gender is like a white person deciding that they want to be black. It is a good comparison because race, like sex is something people are born with. A white person can darken their skin, wear ethnic clothing and wear their hair in a "black" hairstyle but they will never be black. All they are doing is pretending to be black. They are taking all the stereotypes of what a black person is and acting black. That's why black people find it offensive when white people do that. When someone decides they want to be the other gender, they are doing the same thing. They are taking all the stereotypes of what that gender is and acting like that gender. It's offensive.

Transgender people think that if they become the other gender then they are and this is not true. If you weren't born that gender then you don't have all the life experiences that that gender has and you are just pretending. Girls are treated differently from birth than boys and that shapes who they are as a person. It's the same with boys. Just like a black person becomes who they are because of the culture, ethnicity and family they are born into. They are also shaped by society's expectations of them as a black person. All of those things make them very different from white people. That is something that someone who decides to become black will never understand or experience. That's why I find it insulting as a woman when a man "becomes" a woman. He can never truly understand what it's like to be a woman, he's just acting the way he thinks women act. He doesn't have all of the internal thought processes that a real woman has which come from the way she is treated as soon as the doctor yells out, "it's a girl". His femininity is still from a man's perspective, not a woman's. He still has that male privilege and that sense of entitlement that all males have, he's just doing it from a woman's body now.

The problem isn't with whether someone decides they want to become one of the 31 genders listed above. The problem is why have people decided that they can't just be a man or a woman. Wanting other genders is a symptom of a greater problem and we have to address and fix the root of the problem which is society's insistence that men and women are opposites. It is society's insistence that men dress differently than women, look differently than women and act differently than women that creates the problem. Once we fix the root of the problem then all the symptoms of the problem disappear. We won't have 31 genders, we'll surprisingly, only have two.

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