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Men Raped By Women

I recently wrote a meme for Facebook about consent for sex. It was directed at men. Someone chimed in that men get raped too. I responded with men get raped by men, not women and then someone gave me a link to an article in which a man claimed to be raped by a woman. I was a little pissed when the article claimed that less than one percent of men are raped by women. Less than one percent!!!!!

I hate when women speak up about being sexually assaulted and someone chimes in about men being sexually assaulted too. I know that a high percentage of men are raped by other men. I know men who have been raped by other men but I have never met a man who was raped by a woman. We have to be careful whenever someone chimes in about something on the internet. People always try to one up each other. They also always try to shut people down when they speak up about feminist issues by bringing up men's experiences. There are so many articles on the internet that are not true and we have to be careful about pointing to articles from people who supposedly went through something. I am not saying that what they write isn't valid. I am saying that what they write may not be valid. It may have been written by someone with a grudge who just wants to make a point. This is why I prefer when people talk from experience, either theirs or someone they know.

The person who told me men are also raped by women was not speaking from personal experience which is why she had to give me a link to an article. Which is why I was especially pissed when I read that less than one percent of men are raped by women. This does not compare to the percentage of women and men who are raped by men. The very low percentage of men raped by women is like white people bringing up how black people are just as racist as white people whenever a black person brings up racism. The two can't be compared because when a black person brings up racism, they are speaking from personal experience but when a white person brings up racism they are just saying what they are saying because they want to shut the black person up.

From now on when someone writes a comment meant to "prove" something I ask them if it's from personal experience from themselves or from someone they know because if all they have is an article from the internet, forget it. If all they have is some statistic from somewhere then forget it. All that matters is what they have personally gone through or someone they know has gone through. Only then do I know they are not just spouting garbage just to make a point.

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