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Watch What You Wear

Every time someone points out that women should dress more "appropriately" they get a backlash from people who say they are blaming the victim for male behaviour.

Picture this, there is a lion roaming free in your neighbourhood and that lion is more likely to attack someone wearing yellow than it is to attack someone wearing red. Do you wear yellow? Of course not. Only a fool would wear yellow. But there are those who will wear yellow and when they are attacked they will say it isn't their fault; they should be able to wear whatever colour they want to.

You are allowed to wear whatever you want so long as you are aware of the potential consequences to wearing whatever you want. Women need to realize that all of their clothing is designed to make them easy prey so no matter what they wear, so long as it is designed for women, it will be inappropriate. The top designers in the world are men. Men have been designing women's clothing for ages. Being men, they design women's clothing to appeal to men. They make them revealing. They make them sexy. They make them easy to take off. This means that the majority of clothing women wear will be inappropriate and will be used against them in rape cases.

Rapists look for easy victims. It is your right to wear whatever you want but just remember that rapists will hunt the woman wearing the clothes that is easy to get off. The less you wear, the more likely you will be a victim of sexual assault. This doesn't mean that if you cover yourself from head to toe, you won't be a victim of sexual assault. It simply means that when a sexual predator is hunting for a victim, he will choose the person wearing the least amount of clothing.

Women need to stop thinking that they should be able to wear whatever they want and men should not cat call, touch or sexually assault them. In an ideal society it would be that way but we don't live in an ideal society. The reality is, men in this society view women who dress a certain way as wanting male attention, male touch and a male penis up their vaginas. That is the reality. Saying, it is my right to do this or that does not change reality. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to be safe?

You are not responsible for what a man does. Not all men are rapists but if a man is a rapist, it is up to you to make sure you do not make yourself easy prey. Be cautious. Pay attention and stay safe.

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