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Lust Is Good

Well, we've been taught that lust is bad. It's supposed to be bad because it's animalistic and to be animalistic is to lose control of yourself. And nobody wants to lose control of themselves. That's what people think of when they think about lust (animal desires, loss of control, ravenous).

Lust isn't bad at all. It isn't loss of control, animal desires or ravenous. Everyone feels lust. Lust exists for a reason and because we're not really taught about lust we don't recognize it when we feel it and how it benefits us.

First of all, lust is a sexual longing. When you see someone you find sexually attractive, that feeling is lust. Lust is an acknowledgement that you find someone sexually attractive. That's all it is. It's just because it's tied together with sex (and we all know sex is baaad :)) that we have a negative view of lust.

Lust is an emotion. We feel it when we meet a person we find sexually attractive. There's nothing bad about that. If we didn't feel lust we wouldn't find anyone attractive. We'd never reproduce because we mainly reproduce with people we find sexually attractive.

Lust isn't uncontrollable. It's like saying anger is uncontrollable. Anger is very controllable. There's nothing wrong with anger, there's only something wrong when someone uses anger as an excuse to do horrible things to people. It's not anger itself that's bad, it's what you do when you're angry that determines it's outcome. It's the same thing with lust. It's not lust that's bad, it's what you do when you feel it that determines its outcome.

We feel lust all the time. Every time we flip through a magazine. Every time we walk down the street and see someone we like. That feeling is LUST.


Men are good at separating love and lust. Women aren't so good at that. I think women, more than men, confuse lust with love. What is love really and how can we tell whether it is love or lust? First of all, lust is what you feel when you first meet someone. You haven't gotten to know them yet. You just find them sexually attractive and if given the opportunity would love to have sex with them.

Love is what you feel after you get to know someone. You like them as a person and love being around them even when there isn't sex involved. You can use sex to express your love for someone but you shouldn't interpret your desire to have sex with someone to mean that you love them. Lots of people convince themselves that they love someone when they don't even like them. Love is a higher form of like so you can't love someone you don't like. Love has to do with people's personalities, lust has to do with people's bodies.

Both lust and love are good feelings and one isn't better than the other. We need them both. Lust helps us reproduce and have fun sexually. Love helps us to form close bonds with each other whether there is sex or not.

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