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Women Shouldn't Wear Burquinis

I recently got blasted for writing a comment about the police in France asking women wearing burquinis on the beach to take them off. I wrote that I was with France on this and that the women should take them off. Some people were irate. How dare I impose my beliefs on them!

Really? How dare they impose their beliefs on me. I believe in equal rights for everyone no matter their gender. I think that wearing a burquini, head scarf, burqua etc sends the wrong message to women, and young girls especially. I am not against people wearing specialized clothing because of their religion. I am against women having to cover themselves up simply because they are women.

When I see men on the beach in a burquini then I will have no problem with burquinis. When I see men wearing head scarves then I will have no problem with head scarves. When I see men wearing burquas then I will have no problem with burquas. I only see one gender being told to cover themselves up. Being a woman I have a HUGE problem with that. Things creep up on us. They change slowly over time until they become the norm in society. When will I be told that I have to cover my head? When will I be told to cover my entire body so that men don't get tempted to assault me? When will my children? My grandchildren? How many generations will it take?

I don't care if a woman wears a burquini. I care about what happens if a woman refuses to wear a burquini, head scarf or burqua. Women should have the same freedoms that men have and religion shouldn't be used to enforce gender discrimination.

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