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Teen Assaulted On Plane

A thirteen year old girl was on a flight by herself when the man sitting next to her started acting inappropriately. He touched and groped her. His behavior went on for 30 minutes. During that time the girl did nothing because "she didn't know what to do". The girl was in tears when she left the plane.

If girls are assaulted on a daily basis throughout the world one has to wonder why they are not taught to defend themselves. Why are girls raised to be easy victims for men? That man was acting inappropriately, touching the girl and groping her. She was frightened yet she did nothing. Everyone says don't blame the victim because they are a victim but honestly, we never stop to think about why they are victims.

Why didn't this girl know what to do? Why did she just sit there and accept that man's inappropriate behavior? Why do girls fear hurting a man's feelings rather than yelling at him to stop? Why do women fear making a scene? Instead of yelling loud enough for others to know they are being assaulted, they keep quiet and accept it. Why do women not know self defense so that they can hurt someone who is touching them inappropriately? Why are they raised not to hurt a man who is hurting them? None of this makes sense in a society of sexual predators.

Girls are raised to keep their voices down, not to make a scene, don't hurt a man's feelings, don't hit and don't fight. Every parent needs to ask themselves why they raise their girls to be victims in a society of sexual predators. The plane had empty seats yet the girl didn't get up and change seats. She didn't alert a flight attendant that she was being touched inappropriately. She sat through "30 minutes of hell".

I know people will say I am blaming the victim. Yes I am. The man's actions were inappropriate and so were hers. It's time that women own their behavior. It's time that women understand that no one has a right to touch them in any way that they don't want them to and that they need to **do** something about it. There are many options when being assaulted. If you are dragged down an alley by a group of men there is virtually nothing you can do, you are a victim. But most women are assaulted in situations they can do something about. They just don't know what to do because that is not the focus of girls' education and it should be.

Every girl should be taught self defense. Every girl should be taught to scream "fire!" to draw attention to the situation rather than staying quiet. Every girl should be taught "who cares about hurting his feelings, your feelings are more important". Every girl should be taught to say no, then leave, not stick around and let themselves be abused. Once girls are taught these things the only time they will be a victim will be in situations in which they are over-powered and have no other option but to endure it.

Women need to stop being victims. Stop accepting inappropriate behavior from men. Stop doing nothing then crying that they are victims. Learn what to do when you are being assaulted, pay attention to what's going on, be prepared to defend yourself, then don't just sit there, do something.

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