Sex Drives

Most people believe that all men are sex crazy. They think about sex all the time and they want sex all the time. That's not the truth. The truth is people, both men and women have different sex drives. Your sex drive is your urge to have sexual contact with other people. Some people have a very high sex drive and they think about and need sex almost daily. Those people can be termed nymphomaniacs. They may also be viewed as sex addicts. They or others think that they need sex too much and have a problem. Whether or not they have a problem is a matter of opinion. Who are we to judge.

Other people have what would be called a normal sex drive. They have sex about two, three times a week when they are in a relationship and if they aren't in a relationship then they masturbate. It is easy for them to find a partner because most people are compatible with them sexually.

Then there are those people who have a low sex drive. They rarely think about sex. Sex a few times a month is fine with them. Their partners often complain that they don't want sex enough and urge them to get help for their "problem".

At the bottom of the list are those who have absolutely no sex drive at all. They never think about sex. They never masturbate and are rarely in a sexual relationship. They will have sex if they are married and want to maintain the relationship but will never initiate sex, never ask for sex and they never need to have sex. These people are called asexual. Asexuals do not have a sex drive at all.

Everyone is different. No one is screwed up. We think people are screwed up because the media makes us think everyone wants sex and they want it all the time. They make us think that sex is the solution to all of life's problems and that we can never have enough of it. That's a myth. Just like people come in all colors, shapes and sizes, people have different sex drives and in order to have a good relationship we have to find a lover who has the same type of sex drive we have. Since people rarely talk about sex, this is not easy to do. We may find ourselves in a relationship with someone whose sex drive doesn't match up with ours and instead of acknowledging that we are incompatible, we try to force the other person to accommodate our needs. This leaves the other person thinking there is something wrong with them or thinking that there is something wrong with you.

People use a willingness to engage in intercourse with them as proof that you love them so if two people's sex drive don't match up one or both of them feels rejected and unloved. That's why people need to talk to each other and reach a compromise if possible or find other ways to prove their love for each other. Talk before you get into a serious relationship. Don't be shy. Speak up and don't let other people make you feel like a freak just because your sex drive is different from theirs. There is definitely someone out there who is compatible with you and will make you feel okay being who you are.

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