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Abstinence always means abstaining from sexual intercourse except for procreation. We are striving for the separation of sex and intercourse. We want people to use intercourse exclusively to create babies and to use sex for intimacy, affection and play. We believe in sexual freedom for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or age. We want everyone to have the freedom to express themselves sexually in a safe environment with someone in their age group that they are sexually attracted to.

We are also feminists who believe that intercourse is used to keep women in bondage. Making intercourse the main act of intimacy between men and women ensures that women will get pregnant. Pregnancy keeps women uneducated, poor and vulnerable. Giving women the courage to say no to intercourse means no need for birth control, no more unwanted pregnancies, no need for abortions and ensures that motherhood is a choice that women make, not something that is forced on them because they want to be intimate with men.



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Word Usage Is Important

On this site we use the word
sex to mean all sex acts except intercourse
gender instead of the word sex
intercourse instead of the word sex
lover instead of the word boyfriend, girlfriend or partner
fornication to mean using intercourse for sexual pleasure instead of using it to make a baby.