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We search the web for news about intercourse, teen pregnancy, celibacy and sex. We also monitor how sexualized ads are, how sex is portrayed in the media. Sex sells and it is used to sell almost everything. Girls are being sexualized daily and men are kept in a constant state of arousal because of sex ads. Porn sites proliferate the web and even the most innocent search may serve a pop up ad for pornography. Sure sex is good but does it have to be everywhere? No it doesn't and it would be great if the media changed and stopped serving up sex to everyone as the solution for every problem.


Posted by smatriangello on 2016/10/5 17:44:45 (284 reads) ... quiz-name&utm_content=813

1. If you ask me for $5, and I'm too drunk to say yes or no, it's not okay to then go take $5 out of my purse... Just because I didn't say no.
2. If you put a gun to my head to get me to give you $5, you still stole $5. Even if I physically handed you $5.
3. If I let YOU borrow $5, that doesn't give the right for your FRIEND to take $5 out of my purse. "But you gave him some, why can't I?"
4. If you steal $5 and I can't prove it in court, that does NOT mean you didn't steal $5.
5. Just because I gave you $5 in the past, doesn't mean I have to give you $5 in the future.
6. And to think a man said "Well she sat on his lap & went to his house." Okay, if I ask you to hold my purse, does that mean you can take $?

~ nafisa ahmed (@thatxxv)

It is troubling that people can understand the concept of taking something you have no right to when we use an inanimate object but they just don't get it when it applies to a person.
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Posted by smatriangello on 2016/9/10 0:41:09 (292 reads) ... ear-old-unbuckled-in-car/

Dad 'intentionally' crashes into several cars at 75 MPH with his 2-year-old unbuckled in the car because he didn't want to be a father anymore.

This is why fornication has to end. Because of fornication, people are not choosing to be parents. They are having parenthood thrust on them because they want to have "a good time". Children are not wanted, they are abused and they are killed. It is sickening.

Society's use of intercourse for recreation is causing almost all children who are born to be unwanted children that parents have to put up with and sometimes when they have had enough, they try to get rid of them.
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Posted by smatriangello on 2016/8/22 17:36:11 (657 reads)
Man Charged With Sexually Abusing 13-Year-Old Girl On American Airlines Flight buzzfeed

This article is interesting in that the girl claimed she didn't know what to do while she was being touched by this creep. The plane had empty seats yet she didn't change seats. She didn't alert a flight attendant that the man was touching her. This is the sort of thing that happens to girls when they are not taught to defend themselves against predators. They freeze. It boggles my mind that in a world where a female is assaulted every few minutes that they are not taught what to do in these situations. This could have been prevented.

When are girls going to be taught to fight back, leave or just tell the guy to fuck off? Stop raising girls to be easy prey!
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Posted by smatriangello on 2016/5/7 20:41:09 (391 reads) ... rns-installed-in-indiana/

It is sad but in a world of fornicators things like these are needed. There are way too many people in this world and abortion is not an option so almost every child is an unplanned child and potentially an unwanted child. It sickens me that we need baby drop off boxes. Another unwanted child given away like a thing and not a human being who will know that their parents chose to "prove their love" for each other by having intercourse, then got rid of the kid that came as a result.


Posted by smatriangello on 2016/3/25 21:01:23 (377 reads) ... -fought-to-be-sterilised/

30 years old wins the right to be sterilized. There was a lot of anger over her decision to be sterilized because people thought she was being selfish for not wanting to have children when so many people couldn't have children.

They also were upset that the government would be paying for her sterilization. People's main argument was over the fact that this woman didn't want children. I thought it was sickening that she chose to be sterilized rather than stop fornicating.

Everyone understands that people have intercourse and intercourse causes pregnancy but instead of dealing with the root of the problem, fornication, they argue over whether she should be making a permanent decision about not having children. Doctors are willing to prescribe all sorts of birth control so she can continue to fornicate but no one ever suggests that she just say no to intercourse. What a world!