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Boys Don't Care If A Girl Says No

Boys Don't Care If A Girl Says NoPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/10/19 17:13   Hits:   1061    Comments:   0

What good is it to teach girls to say no if boys don't care if a girl says no. .

Difference Between Heterosexuals And Homosexuals

Difference Between Heterosexuals And HomosexualsPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/10/19 17:10   Hits:   830    Comments:   0

The only difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals is vaginal intercourse, which is why heterosexuals insist on it. .

Penis Pictures

Penis PicturesPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:52   Hits:   703    Comments:   0

Why do men send women pictures of their penises as if that will make women want to have sex with them. .

Suitable Fathers

Suitable FathersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:51   Hits:   452    Comments:   0

Why are women having children with abusers, addicts and sexual deviants. It is a woman's job to choose a suitable father for her children. .

Men Should Be Fathers

Men Should Be FathersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:50   Hits:   496    Comments:   0

A man who refuses to raise his children sets a bad example to young boys. Men should not be sperm donors or money donors. men should be fathers.

Emotional Pain

Emotional PainPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:49   Hits:   420    Comments:   0

Why do we think that emotional pain is not as bad as physical pain when physical pain heals but emotional pain lasts a lifetime. .

Intimacy Between Men And Women

Intimacy Between Men And WomenPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/28 19:48   Hits:   434    Comments:   0

Why is it that intimacy between men and women focuses on the one act that makes women pregnant. Think about it. .

Sperm Is A Gift

Sperm Is A GiftPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/18 20:00   Hits:   494    Comments:   0

When intercourse is used only to have children then sperm is considered a gift, not something a woman has to constantly protect herself from. .

Better Fathers

Better FathersPopular

Category:   All    Posted:   2016/9/18 19:59   Hits:   441    Comments:   0

When people don't fornicate, men will be better fathers because they will not doubt that the child is theirs. .

1-9 (out of 21 photos)
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